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Solo Practice Guide for Ballroom Dancing

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The Solo Practice Guide for Ballroom Dancing is a guide to help pro-am ballroom dancers build an effective routine for practicing on their own that fits their life. Using the framework and strategy that helped me win a World Champion title, you will be able to take ownership of your dance training and improve faster. You will dance with more confidence and joy and become the champion of your own dance story!
With the purchase of the Guide, you’ll receive:
The Guide which will carry you through the why, when, where and what of creating a solo practice routine that fits you and your life
Calendar and solo practice session worksheets to help you track your progress
Access to the private Resources area of this site, which contains additional downloadable worksheets, videos and other resources to enhance your solo practice
Note: Currently, hard copies are available to ship to the United States only. But hey, if you’re in another part of the world, you wouldn’t want to wait for the mail anyway. Digital copies are delivered to your inbox right away!