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Classic Dance Pants

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Designer: VE Dance


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Stylish, yet timeless. Our VE classic is produced from high-grade gabardine material. Perfect for competitive ballroom and Latin dances.

Sits high on your waist and flares downward as it drapes across your legs, providing for seamless, effortless movement. Let gravity do its magic, creating perfect lines for any dance movement. Dance your heart out.

Product Description
Durable, yet flexible. Stretches to allow movement
Sits high on waist
Sewn in permanent front crease
Latin-flared bottoms
Comes un-hemmed 120cm for perfect hemming once you have your shoes on
Comes with optional shoe straps (stirrups)Â
Sewn in belt loops
Sewn in VEdance logo
Velcro and metal clasps on waistband
Fabric & Care
High-grade, gabardine
1" satin side seams
Machine wash cold, hang dry or delicate cycle
Pants fitting tips:

Dance pants do not fit like regular pants. Regular pants have a loose fit, and the waist is actually larger than specified.
Dance pants require a tight fit, where the waist of the garment is exactly the size of your waist.
Should fit high in the crotch area to avoid tears from splits, kicks, squats and jumping
If you do not know your waist size, please measure the size of your waist according to the picture below. Usually your waist is 2cm below your belly button. This could potentially save you on return shipment cost and time.