Try On Service Details and Process

Try-On Service via mail: The Try On fee for each Ballroom Dance Dress or Men’s Ballroom Dancewear is $20. The total amount of the dress(es) will be authorized including shipping to the client. If the dress is a good fit we will capture the funds including shipping. If it is not a good fit, the client will ship the dresses back to DDC. Once we receive the dress(es) we will release the authorization minus the try-on and shipping fees.


Try on time period will be 2 days from the date of the receipt of the dress by the client. If the dress is returned late, a late fee will be charged based on the number of days it is late. The client is responsible for shipping the dress back with full insurance based on the value of the dress to DDC.

Next Steps - Start Shopping!

  1. Find the dress you want to try on.
  2. Email us at [email protected] with your selection.
  3. We will send you a payment authorization link.
  4. Please read the Try On agreement below.
  5. Finish the payment authorization and we will get ship out the dress.

Local Try On Service: Local try on service available by private appointment or at one of our events. Contact us to make an appt. to try on your desired Ballroom Dresses or Mens Dancewear. Try-on on site is free! 

*Any Dresses or Mens Dancewear Garments that are taken off location will be charged the regular $20 Try-On Rate.

Book a try on appointment

Dress Try On Agreement: Dance Dress Couture (DDC) hereby loans to the person or organization whose name is listed on the Try On form, (herein referred to as the client). The client borrows from DDC the dress described on the form and agrees to comply with the terms and conditions set forth herein. Try On fees must be paid in full prior to DDC shipping the dress. The client agrees to ship the dress back to DDC in good condition and with no damages within two business days.

The client acknowledges and agrees that should a dress become damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed, it is their sole responsibility and that DDC will charge the client for any and all necessary repairs needed up to the Full Retail Value of each dress.

Permanent tanning products are not permitted to be used while dress is being worn. Undergarments are required for any try on.

The client will not attempt to clean or dry clean any dress as damage could incur. Also absolutely no repairs or alterations are to be made by the client.

If it becomes necessary for DDC to employ an attorney to enforce the terms of this Contract or collect any sum of money due here under, the client agrees to pay all costs and expenses of collection or enforcement incurred by DDC, including but not limited to, DDC’s reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.